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You can still make a statement even if you are physically confined. Suppose you are having trouble while walking or you are at that stage of your life where you are trying hard to walk more, but can’t walk like you were able to walk a decade before. Concerning all your problems, many electric scooter manufacturing companies have introduced the best solution for you in the form of mobility scooter. You must be familiar with the electric chair and how it makes life easy for physically disabled people by giving them more power. Similarly, you can have a mobility scooter which gives you more power than an electric chair and keeps you moving at a faster pace.

Are Mobility Scooters only for Physically Handicapped? 

The answer is no because there are a lot of applications of mobility scooter. For instance, some people may buy this to have fun in large shopping centers while shopping. And mobility scooters can also be used in the park to roam around the area.

Why Should You Purchase A Mobility Scooter? 

  • Easy Travelling

The first reason you can think of before to buy an electric scooter is that you can travel with it to a long distance. For instance, if you are weak on legs, you can choose to sit on the scooter and go for 40 miles run or maybe more depending upon the battery backup of your scooter.

  • Easy to Assemble

The best thing about the scooter is that you can easily transport it to other places. Some scooters are easy to disassemble and put in the trunk of a car. While some other scooters can be folded. Thus the easy carrying facility of these scooters makes it a better option for you to buy than an electric wheelchair.

Here are some best mobility scooters with key features and price range;

Drive Medical Spitfire:

If you are looking for a powerful electrical scooter that gives you a smoother ride on rough and rocky terrain, Drive Medical spitfire is the way to go. The lightweight and beautiful design of the powerful scooter will make you ride inside a store to pick up groceries, or you can choose to ride with it in a park.

Let’s talk about how you feel driving this powerful electrical scooter. Starting with the extreme comfort that you get while having your arm and back rested on a seat that can spin. Also, driving your electric scooter is easy with the effortless steering and a seat size that can accommodate you perfectly.


  • Easy to disassemble into five pieces so it can be easily fit inside the car
  • The scooter contains interchangeable and colorful panels
  • The outer body of the scooter has a double protective layer to save it from scratch
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 300lbs

The price of this scooter is $691, which is cheap as compare to the other scooters of competitive brands in the market.

Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel

What’s best than a 3-wheel mobility scooter that gives you the freedom to shop or to travel? The seat of the travel pro premium 3-wheel mobility scooter contains faux leather that gives you a lot of comforts even if you are on rough terrain.

And the scooter has a stylish shape and brilliant design that make it amazing in the daylight and shine during the night. The top speed of 4 mph, a cup holding facility, and a basket; to store things, give this mobility scooter an upper hand on its competitors.


  • The scooter gives you stylish design and comfortable journey
  • You can adjust the height and choose to sit in a position that best suits your body posture.
  • This scooter has flip-up armrests that are comfortable, and it is easy for you to get in and out
  • With this scooter, you will get a basket which is useful for storing things
  • This scooter is available in $599, which is quite affordable and reasonable for the quality it offers.

Pride Mobility Go-Go

The Pride Mobility Go-Go scooter is a gem of assistance to the physically confined people due to the comfort it offers and the design it portrays. If we call this scooter a heavy-duty machine, we won’t be wrong because it can take up to 325 lbs. of weight and moves on a maximum speed of 4 mph.

Moreover, you can also choose to move with this scooter during night times because it has a huge led light at the front. It is also easy to store essential stuff like a water bottle in a storage basket when you plan to go out in a park.


  • Convenient charging facility with this amazing mobility scooter
  • The front big LED makes you travel in the dark
  • The storage basket facilities you by putting your necessary stuff into it
  • This is a heavy mobility scooter that can take up to 325 lbs. of weight.

E-Wheels EW-36 Electric Senior Mobility Scooter

If you are a senior and having issues with your legs, perhaps they are now very weak, so you can hardly move with them, don’t worry because E-Wheels EW-36 is here to facilitate you in mobility. The best thing about this vehicle is that it allows you comfort and a good speed of 18 mph so you can move around quickly. The battery of this amazing mobility vehicle runs for 45 miles.

You will be amazed by the anti-theft alarm system of this vehicle which makes sure your scooter is safe. Moreover, you get the storage basket like the previous model we have discussed and a switch armrest.


  • The anti-theft system installed within the scooter makes it secure
  • This mobility scooter runs very fast as compared to the other mobility vehicles of the same category
  • Contains a storage basket for you to keep your important things while traveling
  • Large battery and better battery timing

This vehicle is slightly expensive as compared to the previous models we have discussed above. Nevertheless, you got a lot of new and exciting features choosing this one. You can expect to buy it at $1999 from the market.

BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel

If you are looking to travel a long-range with your scooter, the Buzz around Ex Extreme 4-Wheel mobility scooter is a perfect option for you to consider. This scooter has a long 18 inches’ comfortable seat which adds to the comfort quality of this vehicle. The scooter also has four wheels, and a spring suspension above these wheels make it easy for you to pass through the shocks and bumps you get while passing a rough road.

Nevertheless, you can travel with this scooter at night as it has a big LED headlight. The scooter can also take 330 pounds of weight and can run for 18 miles when fully charged. With this scooter, you get colorful color panel which you can choose to replace anytime you feel bored with the old one.


  • You can easily disassemble the scooter to easily carry it to other places.
  • Can accommodate weight up to 330lbs
  • Contains a built-in LED light to make a clear view for you at night
  • Comes with 9inch tires for a comfortable long journey
  • It looks amazing and runs smoothly
  • $1635 Price

GLION SNAPnGO Travel Mobility Scooter

You can never stop loving the Glion SnapnGo travel mobility scooter, as this scooter is light weighted, and provides you a comfortable large seat which is best for the long journeys. You can easily break this scooter in parts and can easily fold it to fit the back seat of your car.

If you are having problems getting in and out in the previous models, you will love to see a detachable armrest here. The scooter also has front and rear lights along with parking brakes. You will also be delighted with the three-speed settings, and a maximum you can travel is 15 mph when you fully charged your scooter.


  • The scooter has a front and rear light for you to travel easily in the dark
  • You can avail the two seating options available with this scooter
  • You can speed up your scooter or choose to slow it down a bit with three speeding options
  • Comes with a large and comfortable seat
  • You can buy this scooter at $1649.

Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

If you are looking for something that can assist you at the shopping center, Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter got your back on this one. With this vehicle, you get three wheels’ powerful rider that runs with you in the shopping center like a champion.

Moreover, you can also choose to put some burden on your new vehicle as it can easily accommodate a weight of up to 250lbs. With a perfect height, and adjustable seating makes it easy for you to travel smoothly.


  • Lightweight makes it easy for you to carry
  • A great partner for you in the shopping market
  • Big and removable battery that works for a long time
  • Comes with a storage basket where you can place anything
  • Better height and adjustable seats
  • You can buy this one at $599.

 EV MiniRider Folding Scooter

If you are looking for a small yet powerful rider, you can choose to buy the EV MiniRider Folding mobility scooter. The scooter can take up to 253 lbs. of weight and can go for 9 miles on a single charge. The folding and clutch system is very convenient, along with the automatic braking system.

The scooter is a perfect vehicle to go around a shopping center or drive on rough terrain. Moreover, you can place your scooter in a car while it is folded and you will love it in the park. The best feature of this scooter is that you get puncture-proof tires.


  • The comfortable seating and strong grip makes this chair easy to travel vehicle
  • The automatic braking system gives it a better hand on many of its competitors
  • Beautiful design and modern style make it a perfect outdoor vehicle.
  • This attractive scooter is available in $1349

Afiscooter C 3-Wheel Scooter

If you are looking for a superstar, the AFIscooter c 3-wheel scooter is the way to go. This brilliant scooter comes with a rear suspension and shock absorber. Not only that, the scooter has comfortable seating which makes sure you feel good on a long journey. The scooter comes in a large size which is a bit difficult to use indoor, but it is a perfect vehicle to serve you outdoor. You can choose to travel inside a few of the large shopping marts in the city. It is also a better device to travel on rough terrain as it has large tires.

You can get out of the vehicle very easily as it facilities you with 360 degrees rotation. The setting of the seat is never easy, but not with this one. Here you can set your armrest and seat to meet your comfort fully. Moreover, the scooter also has a basket for you to store a thing or two. Beautiful LED headlights and rear light make it easy for you to travel in the dark. In short, this is a power pack with a great design that is suitable for all your mobility needs.


  • You can move with a speed of 9.30 mph with this scooter
  • The scooter can run for 25 miles on a single charge
  • This vehicle can accommodate 330lbs of weight.
  • You can choose to buy this scooter at $2947

Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter

If moving with extreme comfort is your goal, then Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter is something that will make you end your search. This beautiful and powerful scooter gives you a lot of comfort on your journey outdoor. This scooter will make you feel like you are driving a car with its advance steering and suspension features. The good heights of the scooter tires give you a smoother experience when on rough roads.

The best you can do is to adjust the armrest, and seating position to get you more comfortable. You can also choose this scooter to drive at night because of its big LED front and rear lights. To assist you in measuring your speed and distance, the scooter has a screen installed. In short, it is an ideal scooter for outdoor and indoor activities.


  • This super vehicle can accommodate a weight up to 450 lbs
  • You can travel with a speed of 9.30 mph
  • When fully charge this vehicle runs for more than 27 miles
  • It can accommodate a maximum of 340 lbs weight
  • You can buy this one at $4489

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