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    Are you looking to buy yourself the super coolest mid drive ebike? I know how exciting that must feel and that is probably the reason why I am writing this. There are a number of things that you need to know about the BBSHD to gauge whether it is really what you have ever dreamt of when it comes to ebikes.

     I’ll be honest with you, it is totally worth it and definitely everything that you have always fantasized about. The Bafang BBSHD is made by Bafang and is sometimes nicknamed as the “8fun” motor. This is pretty much the same thing. This mid drive motor has 1000w rated power motor which essentially means it can easily work flawlessly for the longest time ever.

     Its peak can go up to 1500w once you peak it at a higher power wattage output when you hit its throttle. This is pretty amazing! The BBSHD is the advanced version of the BBS02 which was also quite popular only that it is a smaller version.

Will the BBSHD fit your bike?

      You are probably wondering whether the BBSHD will be the best fit for your bike. Actually, one of the best features of this mid drive motor is that it has been designed to fit almost all types of bike frames. This should be the least of your worries. It comes in different sizes, 68-73mm, 100mm, and 120mm. It can, therefore, fit through your existing bottom bracket perfectly. So you can easily mount the BBSHD on your fat frame. This makes it the most suitable for snow, off-road and sandy terrains. So worry not, if you have a current bike, you won’t have to go look for a new one, you can fit your new BBSHD easily and enjoy your ride.

(The BBSHD drive unit)

(The BBSHD drive unit)

How to install and use the BBSHD ?

You have nothing to worry about even if you have no experience in mechanical stuff. Installing the BBSHD is very easy. The kit itself comes with the following:

  • Motor and integrated pedal assist sensor.
  • 2 e-Brake levers.
  • LCD display
  • Cables
  • Chainring (46 teeth)
  • Cranks
  • Thumb throttle
  • Speed Sensor
  • Screws, bolts and nuts.

Once you have everything mentioned above, you are ready to install your new mid drive motor.

  • First, you need to remove the cranks on your bike. Unscrew all your bottom bracket inserts and sprockets. For you to safely remove your cranks, I would advise that you get a crank puller. It will do the job perfectly and you will not break anything.
  • Then slide the BBSHD right through the bottom bracket while adding 3 nuts to the motor. One of the nuts is used to hold the motor upright and the others prevent the device from slipping. Make sure to tighten the nuts as fast as you possibly can. You can use an adjustable wrench.
(Inserting the Drive)

(Inserting the Drive)

  • You are almost there, next is wiring the battery, e-brakes, LCD display and sensor which is also not very tasking.
  • Re-attaching the crank arms is what you need to do next. Bear in mind that the crank arm is aluminum and any looseness can damage the crank arms sockets when you are pedaling. Make sure the crank arms are re-attached firmly.
(Re-attaching the crank arms)

(Re-attaching the crank arms)

  • Re-attach the stock drive sprockets using the five small hexagonal head bolts. Most threads on the 5 bolts are 5mm by 0.80 which is actually the standard size and you can get them in any hardware store.
    ( Attaching the stock drive-sprockets)

    ( Attaching the stock drive-sprockets)

  • Re-attach the other crank arm just like you did the other one. Make it tight and ensure the bolts hold it down firmly and put the chain back on.
(Reattach the other crank arm)

(Reattach the other crank arm)

  • Lastly, for the magic moment you have been waiting for, press the center button on the controller. If all is working fine then the display should look like this.
(Control display)

(Control display)

      In conclusion, your BBSHD is already installed and is working fine. Remember to make sure that there is nothing touching the hind tire or leaning against it. When riding, be cautious of the rear wheel which will be taking off very fast. Try to spin the crank arm to about halfway around. The drive is probably going to start applying power from the PAS signal. Try the thumb throttle as well and if they both make the rear wheel spin then you need to smile, cause your work is perfectly done. Congratulations!


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