Where to Find the Right Electric Wheelchair/Scooter to Rental


Electric Wheelchairs are an important aspect for their users, to achieve an independent and self-reliant life. There are a number of power wheelchairs in the market, but choosing the perfect one that fits your needs and budget is a difficult task. However, this has been made easy by companies that offer wheelchairs on a rental basis for a certain time period.

Choosing to rent a power wheelchair or scooter might be preferable over buying them because:

  • It allows a user to try out a model, and get familiar to its functions beforehand.
  • It avoids the hassle of carrying your equipment with you while you are traveling since you can just rent it on a short term basis.
  • It allows you the chance to upgrade once your contract expires.
  • It is a better option for users that are healing from a surgery or suffer from a temporary disability, and require it for a short time period.
  • The rental options are sometimes more budget-friendly.

Even though the idea of renting might be appealing to your circumstances, it still takes a person plenty of advance planning. A user must ask themselves the following questions before renting:

  • If the wheelchair’s features and functions suit my needs?
  • If the wheelchair should be rented for a short term or long term period, according to my requirements?
  • If the cost is reasonable?
  • If the standard terms of the contract are clear and rational?
  • If I understand the rental process?

However, above all of this, the most important factor is to be aware of all the rental services available in the region, so that you can choose the best option out of them. This could be more challenging if you are traveling to a whole new town, unfamiliar with the options around you. Here we have compiled for you, the top most power wheelchair rental companies that cater to users in the United States of America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

United States of America

The United States of America is one of the top wheelchair accessible countries and has around 2.7 million wheelchair users. The wheelchair market in the USA is worth billions of dollars. In such circumstances, the companies that offer power wheelchair rental to users in the USA are also in great numbers. Some of them are the following:

  1. Orlando Medical Rentals

Orlando Medical Rentals provide all sorts of medical equipments for rental and sale purposes at affordable prices. In order to rent their electric wheelchairs and scooters, they ask for advanced rental reservation. This company is located in Florida, USA. And they deliver to hotels and homes in the Disney, Universal and Central Florida region. Also, delivery to locations outside of this area is possible, but is subject to a delivery fee. They are really accommodating and try their best to satisfy their customer’s special needs. They also provide on-time service, with a text message and email upon delivery.

The prices ranges are as follows:

E-Wheelchair/Scooter Price/day

Foldable Electric Wheelchairs

First day: $55

Additional days: $35/day



First day: $50-55

Additional days: $20-30/day


Contact Orlando Medical Rentals at:

Address: 1511 Damon Ave – Kissimmee, FL 34744

Phone: 877-356-9943

Fax: 877-835-9248

  1. Scootaround

Scootaround is among the best leading companies for mobility rental. They deliver power wheelchairs and scooters to USA, Canada and cruise ports in Europe. They are one of the firsts to offer rental for WHILL Model Ci and Model A as well. Their networks of associates are spread throughout North America, trying to cater to travel needs especially, since they have contracts with various airlines, cruises, and hotels. Scootaround accepts orders through their website, and on phone. And they make sure they provide you with the mobility device that suits your needs. In case of any mishap, they offer repair services for the mobility devices as well.

Scootaround’s rental rates depend on a number of factors, the type of mobility, destination, rental time period, and pick up/drop off points. For example, approximate price ranges for renting a transportable scooter are as follows:

Destination Price/week
Las Vegas $100/week
Orlando $145/week
Washington D.C. $155/week
New York $195/week


Contact Scootaround at:

Email: info@scootaround.com

US & Canada Toll-Free1 888-441-7575

Phone(204) 982-0657

Fax: (204) 478-1172

  1. Fold & Go Electric Wheelchairs

Fold & Go sells and rents a range of equipment, including foldable power wheelchairs.  They deliver to the USA and Canada. They have two categories of power chairs, regular-sized and heavy-duty. The features of both these models are available on their website. In case, the one you want is out of stock, you can get on their rental chair waiting list, so when it is available again, you can claim it instantly. Fold & Go’s rental program has many options to fit their customers’ needs:

  • Try before you Buy – with monthly payments. You can use the wheelchair for a month or more and can either buy or return it anytime.
  • Rent to Own – you can rent the wheelchair for 9 monthly payments after which you can own it.
  • Get back on your feet – this option allows you to rent a wheelchair for a short period of time until you no longer need it. This is a perfect option for travel purposes.

The prices ranges are as follows:

Rental Electric Wheelchairs Price/month
Regular-Sized $275/month
Heavy Duty $350/month


Contact Fold & Go at:

Phone: 512-817-FOLD (3653)
Open: Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm (CST)                                                       Email:support@FoldandGoWheelchairs.com

  1. Big Apple Mobility

Big Apple Mobility is an online store that sells and rents wheelchairs of the best brands in the market. They also offer repair services for mobility devices. They deliver to hotels, residents and businesses in New York, California, Florida and Nevada. Electric Wheelchairs/Scooters like Go-Go Traveler, Victory and Jazzy power chair are up for rental on their website. The delivery and pick up charges depend on the location, but they approximately range from $20-50.

The price range for the Jazzy Select Power Chair is as follows:

Number of Days/Month Price
1 day $145
2 days $165
3 days $185
4 days $205
5 days $225
Each additional day $20
1 month $399


Contact Big Apple Mobility at:

Store Address: 241 West 37 St. Manhattan (Between 7th and 8th Ave)

Phone: 212-278-8100


Canada is also a wheelchair accessible country. A study shows that Canada’s 16% of the population has some form of disability, and the third-largest cause of disability being mobility impairment. There are a huge number of people in this category that do not have access to appropriate mobility devices. However, with being aware of the mobility rental in your region, one might be able to get hold of a device that suits their needs. A few of these rental companies are listed below:

  1. La Maison André Viger

La Maison André Viger is located in Quebec City, with over 4 stores. They provide their clients with a variety of medical equipment like power wheelchairs, 3 wheeler, and 4 wheeled mobility scooters. They have mobility devices from renowned brands, like Drive, Handicare and Invacare. They even have advisors available to help the customers in figuring out their mobility needs. They offer daily, weekly and monthly rental programs. And during the rental period, the clients even have access to their repair services. They also offer a purchase option to their clients, once the rental period ends.

The approximate price range for a week is as follows:

Mobility Device Price/week

Or Scooter

155$ one or the other

*The price is subject to change


Contact La Maison André Viger at:

Phone: 1-800-363-6703

Email: info@andreviger.qc.ca

  1. Scooter City

Scooter City is a company that sells, repair and rents mobility devices to limited areas in British Columbia, Canada. Their stock includes scooters and wheelchairs from well-known brands like Pride Mobility, Invacare and Fortress. They make sure to fit their customer’s special needs. Their rental program is usually short term; monthly or weekly. For long term purposes, the company suggests lease to purchase option, as they are more budget-friendly. The prices of the rental include delivery and pick up fee.

The price ranges are as follows:

Weekly/Monthly Price
Weekly $195
Monthly $295


Contact Scooter City at:

Address: Vancouver Area, 65-B Clipper Street, Coquitlam BC, Canada.

Phone: 604-540-6373

Toll-Free: 1 877-508-3322

Email: info@scootercity.ca

  1. Advanced Mobility

Advanced Mobility is an electric wheelchair rental located in Kelowna and Nanaimo. Their rental facility not just includes wheelchairs and mobility scooters, but other home care equipment as well. And they have power chairs and scooters of different categories, suiting their client’s need. They offer their rental services to the local residents as well as travelers visiting the area. They take orders by phone, with immediate delivery. And their delivery, set up and pick up fee is $80.

The price ranges are as follows:

Category of Mobility Device Price/weekly Price/monthly
Power Chair – Basic $225 $600
Power Chair – Advanced $350 $800+
Scooter – Travel Size $150 $375
Scooter – Full Size $150 $375


Contact Advanced Mobility at:

 Toll Free: 1 800-665-4442

  Email: info@advancedmobility.ca

  1. Vital Mobility

Vital Mobility is a sale, rental and repair service for mobility and health care equipment. They work with North America’s biggest manufacturers, making sure to provide quality based health care products at affordable prices. They are located in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. And deliver to areas within these regions, with a window of 2-3 hours for delivery. They have a really accommodating service and their rental programs are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. They offer electric wheelchairs and heavy-duty scooters as well.

The price ranges are as follows:

E-Scooter/Wheelchair Price/weekly Price/monthly
E-Wheelchair $150 $300
E-Scooter $120-150 $250-300


Contact Vital Mobility at:

Phone: 905-532-9494 

Fax: 647-260-0590

Toll Free: 1 866-508-4825

Email: info@vitalmobility.ca


Europe has many wheelchair accessible destinations and cities. This is because it has an estimated number of 5 million wheelchair users. And it is one of the biggest attractions for tourists as well, which makes it even more important to be accessible to everyone. Not just that, companies that offer wheelchair rental are also very essential, to make sure the tourists and the locals diverse needs are met. Some of these companies are as follows:

  1. Mobility Equipment Hire Direct Ltd

Mobility Equipment Hire Direct Ltd is an international company that offers rental for a range of affordable mobility equipment. They deliver to destinations throughout Europe, and other countries as well. And their rental programs are very flexible, in order to accommodate their clients’ requests. They also offer their power wheelchairs and scooters to nursing homes, hospitals and charities. And the payment for the order can be done online, and cancellation within the first 24 hours is free of charge.

The approximate price range is as follows:

Day Mobility Scooter

Price/day in Euros

Power Wheelchair

Price/Day in Euros

For first day 1-7 £21.00 £20.50
For day 8-14 £19.00 £19.50
15+ onwards £16.00 £19.00


   Contact Mobility Equipment Hire Direct Ltd at

    Email: sales@mobilityequipmenthiredirect.com

    London Office: 83 Victoria Street, London

     Phone: 0800 994 9000

     From abroad: 0044 (0) 203 585 4040

  1. Unicare LTD

Unicare Ltd offers a power wheelchair and scooters for rental. They deliver both to homes and hotels, in Malta and surrounding areas. They provide rental programs for daily, weekly and monthly purposes. Rental is also possible for time periods longer than that. All their equipment is clean and in perfect working condition. And alongside the power wheelchair, they also deliver the batteries and chargers. However, in the case of the mobility scooters, the client is required to have previous experience in handling it.

The prices for the equipment are not available on the website but are communicated upon call.

Contact Unicare Ltd at:

 Phone: (+356) 21 222 044

  Fax: (+356) 21 240 144

  Email: info@unicare.com.mt

  1. Mobility Hire

Mobility Hire offers a variety of mobility equipment on hire, for both short and long term periods. They are located in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. And they deliver power wheelchairs and scooters to local homes, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and other healthcare facilities, all over England and Wales. They have an outstanding customer service, and can also provide the same day or weekend delivery in case of emergencies. If the client goes for long term rental then they also get a chance for a professional home assessment, to make sure the equipment is suitable and practical for them. The orders can be placed online, or on call.

They offer a variety of electric wheelchairs and scooters. The price ranges for a few of them are as follows:

Week Vanos Yoga

Mobility Scooter

Amigo T



obility Scooter


Qimova High

Function Powerchair

For Week 1 £70/week £55/week £155/week
Week 2-12 £65/week £50/week £115/week
Week 13+ £40/week £35/week £75/week


Contact Mobility Hire at:

 Phone: 0800-111-6234

 International: +44 (0)1684-275626

 Email: sales@mobilityhire.com

 Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

  1. Sage Traveling

Sage Traveling is a European service for disabled travelers, committed to providing them with accessible destinations and holidays. In this mission, they also offer power chair and scooter rental to these travelers, so that they do not have to carry their equipment with them. They require an advance booking, to make sure the mobility device is waiting for you before you arrive at the delivery location. They deliver to hotels, apartments and other facilities in over 20 countries in Europe; for example England, Spain, Greece, France and many more. They also try to accommodate for any special features that the client requests for. They have great customer service and immediate delivery.

The pricing depends on equipment availability and location. But they can be discussed on the call, or upon filling the form on their website.

Contact Sage Traveling at:

 From US & Canada: Call 1-888-645-7920

 From UK: Call +44 20 3540 6155

 From other countries: Call 1-281-547-7744


Australia has over 3.96 million of its population with some form of disability. Of these people, around 86% experience restrictions in activities like mobility and communication. Australia is another one of the top wheelchair accessible countries and has a number of companies that sell and rent mobility devices to its natives and travelers to make lives easy for them. A few of these electric wheelchair rentals are listed below:

  1. Unicare Health

Unicare Health is one of the most trusted Australian companies that provide mobility devices and other healthcare products, for rental and sale purposes. They deliver their products to Australia wide. They have excellent customer service, as they provide an option for your equipment to be customized according to your special requirements. Apart from delivering to private individuals, they have also partnered with various health care facilities like nursing homes and hospitals. They have a variety of power chairs and scooters from the brand, Shoprider; that are up for rental.

The price ranges for some of them are as follows:

E-Wheelchair/Scooter Model Price/week
Shoprider Rocky 4-Wheeler Scooter $70
Shoprider Puma Power Chair $101.50


Contact Unicare Health at:

  Retail Address: 29 Alexandra Place, Bentley – Western Australia 6102

  Phone: 08 9351 7500

  Fax: 08 9350 5299

  1. Independent Living Specialists

Independent Living Specialists have a wide range of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters to hire and purchase. Some of the mobility equipments they have are from brands like Pride Mobility and Drive Medical. They have over 20 showrooms in Australia, and also deliver online with free shipping Australia wide. They also deliver other health care equipments on rental like patient lifters, lift chair, IV pole and knee walker. In case, if the equipment is returned early, the amount for the unused period can be refunded.

The price range of some of their particular models of e/scooters and wheelchairs is as follows:

Model Price a week
Power Chair Heavy Duty $225
Bariatric Scooter $111
Small Scooter $51


Contact Independent Living Specialists at:

 Phone: 02 9427 4995

 Fax: 02 9427 4338

 Email: info@ilsau.com.au

  1. Travelers Aid Australia

Travelers Aid Australia offers a variety of mobility equipment rental, through their sites at Melbourne and regional Victoria. They have electric wheelchairs and heavy-duty scooters, which they rent for a minimum of 4 hours, and daily and weekly as well. These services are specially catered to the tourists in the area, allowing them easy mobility. The company requires a $100 holding deposit, which can be forfeited in case of damage.

The price range for their power wheelchair is as follows:

Time Period Price
4 hours $20
1 day $35
1 week $175
1 month $630


Contact Travelers Aid Australia at:

 For Southern Cross Station Site:

Call (03) 9670 2072

Email scs@travellersaid.org.au

For Flinders Street Station Site:

Call (03) 9068 8187

Email fss@travellersaid.org.au

  1. Mobility Hire & Sales

Mobility Hire & Sales offer quality based products like mobility equipment, scooters, power chairs, lift chairs, and rehab aids for its customers. The company’s retail shop is in Woy Woy district, Central Coast but they deliver to an extended region. They rent mobility devices from Pride Mobility and other well-known brands, for short term and long term periods. And apart from rental, they specialize in service and repairs as well.

The price range for the portable power wheelchair is as follows:

Time Period Price
Per week $99
Per month $300


Contact Mobility Hire& Sales at:

Address: 3 Blackwall Rd, Woy Woy, NSW 2256
Phone: (02) 4342 5308
Fax: (02) 4342 0816
Email: help@mobilityhireandsales.com.au

New Zealand

New Zealand is also one of the wheelchair accessible countries in the world. It has accessible parks, walkways, beaches, and other destinations. Even, there is a law in New Zealand which requires every new building to be built, with adequate access for people with disabilities. Alongside such facilities, easing the lives of disabled people, there are numerous sales and rental services that offer equipment to these people. These are in place, to suit their mobility needs, whether short term or long term. Some of these power wheelchair rentals are the following:

  1. Walk on Wheels

Walk on Wheels is a New Zealand company, with its showroom in Auckland. They have a variety of equipment tailored to your needs, to either rent or buy. And within these equipments are affordable power wheelchairs and mobility scooters, which are up for rental, for either short or long term basis. They have mobility products from brands like Liteway, C.T.M, Invacare, and Pride. Also, they can deliver the equipment personally to hotels, homes, and boats if you are within the Auckland region. The prices are communicated on call, or upon visiting the showroom.

Contact Walk on Wheels at:

 Email: info@walkonwheels.co.nz

 Address: 770 Great South Road, Penrose – Auckland

 Phone: 0800 66 67 68

  1. The Mobility Man

The Mobility Man is a company with over 20 years of experience in mobility and accessibility. They have a range of products, like electric scooters, power wheelchairs, electric beds, lift chairs and walking sticks. Alongside repairing and servicing, they offer electric scooters/wheelchairs rental, to meet temporary mobility needs. They deliver these mobility devices on rental basis in Hamilton only. And orders are also taken online.

The price range is as follows:


Or E-Wheelchair

Starting at $90 approximately


Contact The Mobility Man at:

Address: 360 Te Rapa Road, Hamilton.

Phone: 0800 00 38 38

  1. Mobility Centre

Mobility Centre (Life Unlimited) offers an extensive range of mobility products. They have excellent customer service. They provide all kinds of solutions to their customer’s mobility challenges, by giving free advice and guidance. Apart from sales and repair, they rent their power wheelchairs and scooters to private individuals as well as health care facilities, therapists and nursing homes. These mobility devices belong to brands like Cubro, Invacare, Allied Medical and Shoprider. This company has a showroom in Lower Hutt, North Island, but they also have their rental available in the greater Wellington region, Kapiti Coast and Wairarapa.

The rental charges are not available on the website. To inquire about the price, you have to visit them or contact them over the phone.

Contact Mobility Centre at:

            Address: 103 Copeland Street, Epuni Shops, Lower Hutt – Wellington

            Email: sales@mobilitycentre.co.nz

            Local Phone Calls: (04) 577 1188

            Overseas Phone Calls: 0064 4 577 1188

  1. A1 Wheelchair Services

A1 Wheelchair Services is located in Palmerston North. They sell, repair and rent mobility equipment, that meets their customer’s needs and comfort. They are really professional and competent; committed to excellence in their field. The rental equipment offered by them is for both the private individuals and care facilities. They provide delivery and pick up service, with a fee of $30 locally. In case of delivery outside of the region, the charge fee varies.

The price range for their electric wheelchair and scooter is as follows:

Model Price
4X4 Extreme 4WD $40/day
X5 Frontier $40/day
Portable Mobility Scooter $30 for up to a week


Contact A1 Wheelchair Services at:

Address: 17 Lombard Street, Takaro, Palmerston North, 4410

Phone: (0800) 222284

Email: admin@a1wheelchairs.co.nz

Final Words

It is not always wise to buy an electric wheelchair or scooter, especially if you are unfamiliar with the product’s features, or you are traveling, and your circumstances only require a mobility device for a temporary period. In such cases, wheelchair rental facilities really come in use. This article sums up a few of these best electric wheelchair rental in the United States of America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. So, if you are a resident or a traveler in one of these countries, and are looking for a service to fit your temporary mobility needs, one of these rentals might end up being the perfect choice for you.


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