Foldable and Lightweight Power Chair Models


Foldable, Lightweight Power Chairs have made lives of wheelchair users stress-free and easier than ever. A power chair not only needs to be efficient and heavy-duty but lightweight and portable at the same time. This is because; they would then require the least amount of assistance and effort. And also would help wheelchair users enjoy the experience of moving around even more.

Listed below are over 6 models of Electric Wheelchairs, with different price points but still quite similar in terms of being very lightweight and foldable. They all can all fold and unfold in a matter of seconds, and are also very travel-friendly, being able to fit into any small compartment.

Foldable chair D09 Electric Wheelchair

The heavy-duty D09 Electric Wheelchair is lightweight and portable. It is manufactured under the company name, JBH Wheelchairs. This is a Chinese Company, covering 20 provinces in China and over 30+ countries. D09 comes in five different colors, and its price varies among different suppliers but ranges around almost £1,999.00. It has features as follows:

  • D09 can fold and unfold within about 5 seconds.
  • It is quite compact, with folded measurements of 77cm length, 60cm width, and 34cm depth.
  • It is fitted with 24V/12AH lithium batteries, which gives it a maximum range of about 14 miles.
  • It can be charged on and off-board.
  • It has heavy-duty, quiet motors for higher efficiency, but with fewer nuisances.
  • D09 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, featured with firm tires.
  • It has electromagnetic brakes to ensure smooth and instantaneous brakes on any rough surface.
  • The seat cushion is removable and adjustable, to ensure comfort. While the footrest can be flipped upwards, when not needed.
  • The joystick controller of D09 is very user-friendly, with only the minimal and essential options.

Airhawk Folding Power Wheelchair  

Airhawk Power Wheelchair could be easily the world’s lightest wheelchair ever, with a reasonable price point, which is $1,987.00. The company, Quick n Mobile Mobility supplies this wheelchair, and they sell in both the United States of America and Canada. It is very similar to the D09 model, being able to fold effortlessly. Its qualities are listed below:

  • It is quite travel-friendly, being able to fold into a small compartment with a width of 12.25”.
  • It weighs around 41 pounds while holding up a weight of about 265 pounds.
  • It comes with a spare battery for backup purposes.
  • Its joystick is very easy to use and can be driven by a slight movement of one finger.
  • The footrest flips up, but not fully. So it might create a bit of inconvenience while sitting down.
  • The armrest can also be flipped upwards for side access.
  • It comes with a nylon cover as a shield against all weather conditions.
  • The driving range goes up to 10+ miles.
  • It is very stable with a tight turning radius.

AH-XL Refurbished/ Eagle Power Folding Wheelchair

AH-XL Power Chair is an updated model, that the factory manufactured by refurbishing their last year’s unit. Their supplier is also Quick N Mobile Mobility, and its price is about $2,887.00. This is a heavy-duty, portable wheelchair. It is similar to the Airhawk Folding Wheelchair, with minor but noticeable differences that make it very sturdy. Its features are as follows:

  • It has both manual and power modes, which can be shifted with a push of a button.
  • It weighs 50 pounds, having a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • It has brand new non-spill able, lithium batteries making the wheelchair portable on airlines and trains.
  • Its arms are very sturdy and can be raised upwards for side entry/exit.
  • The footrest flips upwards and can completely get out of the way, hence not causing inconvenience when sitting down.
  • It has 12” rear wheels and a seat width of almost 19”.
  • It has heavy-duty, 250-watt motors so that it can drive up on hills and steep terrain.
  • It goes up to 30 miles range.
  • It can fold up and unfold in seconds. And folds up into the size of a medium/large suitcase.
  • The brand new joystick does not need a lot of effort to move around, just like the Airhawk.

Wide Variation Electra 7 Power Folding Chair

Electra 7 is one of the strongest and lightest power chairs. It is simple and convenient for regular use. This wheelchair’s supplier is the same company, Quick n Mobile Mobility, and they deliver worldwide. The price of the wheelchair is almost about $3,250.00. It is an updated and newer model than the last two models mentioned. All its features are listed below:

  • It weighs about 50 pounds and holds up a weight of about 400 pounds.
  • Its footrest also goes out of the way for easy front entry access.
  • The batteries are very easy to charge, as the port is located in a very accessible position.
  • It is very spacious and comfortable, with a space of about 21” between both the arms.
  • It is very suitable for use on rough and hilly terrains.
  • It comes with free accessories, like an extra battery, cup holder, cover case, and headrest.
  • It features unique polymer tires, which have less to no chances of wear and tear.
  • It takes one second to fold into a very compact size, being very travel-friendly.
  • It allows 360* maneuverability and movement into tight spaces.
  • It can drive twice as fast as an average person walks.
  • The seat cushion is made from memory foam and is very easy to clean.

Sentire Med Forza D09 Mobility Folding Electric Wheelchair

Forza D09 Model is manufactured and supplied by Sentire Med Company. They deliver almost worldwide and the price of the wheelchair is about $2,650.00. This wheelchair’s features are quite similar to the Foldachair D09 Power Chair. These features are:

  • It can also fold up within about 5 seconds.
  • It weighs only 50 pounds with batteries.
  • It goes up to a distance of 15.5 miles, at a top speed of 3.7mph.
  • It has efficient electromagnetic brakes to ensure passenger safety.
  • The battery takes 6-8 hours to charge fully.
  • The joystick controller can be installed on either armrest.
  • The wheels have shock absorbers for rough, uneven terrains.
  • The mode can be shifted from manual to power with the push of a red button at the back of the chair.

Leitner Frankie Power Chair

Frankie is a foldable, lightweight power chair manufactured by an Australian company, Leitner. The company sells Australia wide, and the wheelchair comes with a two-year warranty and 14-day money-back guarantee. The wheelchair costs $2,399.00. Its features are as follows:

  • It is one of the lightest power chairs in Australia, weighing only 55 pounds.
  • It has a maximum speed of 3.1mph, up to a distance of 12.4 miles.
  • It takes seconds to fold and unfold, just like the other wheelchairs.
  • It is approved by many airlines and hence is very travel-friendly.
  • The joystick controller can be installed on either side.
  • It has a tight turning radius of about 85cm.
  • It features puncture-free wheels, with mudguards for rear wheels to be used outside as well.
  • It has a very sturdy and adjustable armrest and can be raised.
  • The battery charge is displayed on both the battery and console and it can be charged both on and off-board.
  • The seat cushions are removable and comfortable.

Quick Specifications Chart for all the Models



Foldachair D09 Airhawk Power Chair Eagle Power Chair Electra 7 Forza D09 Leitner Frankie
Weight 55lbs 41lbs 50lbs 50lbs 50lbs 55lbs
Max Weight Capacity 265lbs 265lbs 400lbs 400lbs 298lbs
Seat Width 18” 16.75” 19” 21” 17.7”
Rear Wheels 12.5” 8.5” 12” 12” 12” 12”
Folded Measurements 77x60x34


32x23x12 (inches) 23×13 x31






Max Distance 14 miles 26 miles 30 miles 30 miles 15.5 miles 12.4 miles
Top Speed 3.7mph 4mph 4mph 4mph 3.7mph 3.1mph
Turning Radius 85cm 69cm 83.5cm 83.5cm 85cm


Final Words

These wheelchairs are quite similar in their features and even specifications. They all almost, have adjustable armrests, footrests, and removable batteries, seat cushions, headrests, and joystick controllers. They are all very lightweight and can be folded or unfolded in seconds. And they can fit into the back of your trunk, or any other small spaces. Hence, all of these power chairs can act as a perfect travel companion!


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