How to load a Sur-ron light bee electric dirt bike inside a SUV?


Bike: Sur-Ron electric dirt bike

how to pack the sur ron in a SUV

(Noted: To verify the texture of different paints,  The color of the main frame and the rear fork of the Sur-Ron are inconsistent. )

Though flatting the Peugeot 3008 rear seats, the space of the trunk is still relatively short that we have to knock down the front wheel of the Sur-Ron light bee.

Step 1: Open the battery box, disconnect the cables and take it out of the Sur-Ron.

Step 2:  Loose the disc brake caliper from the rotor (Please put a hard paper between the brake pads), Loose the front axle with a hexagon screwdriver, remove the front wheel.(Please re-install the axle and the nuts in the front fork to prevent lose after removing the front wheel).

Step 3: Lift the Sur-Ron to load into the SUV trunk!

remove the sur-ron ebike battery

sur ron electric motorcycle

It takes less than 5minutes totally.

Let’s go out now!

sur ron electric dirt bike


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