Mechanical disc brake vs hydraulic disc brake


Mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes are widely used in mountain bikes today, which disc brake is better?

Both mechanical disc brake and hydraulic disc brake have tremendous stopping power in mud, rain, and snow, and they can also be used with any tire width.


What is different between mechanical disc brake and hydraulic disc brake?


  Mechanical disc brake Hydraulic disc brake
   bicycle mechanical disc brake   bicycle hydraulic disc brake
Brake medium Brake cable Mineral oil/ brake fluids
Weight Heavier Lighter
Brake performance Little sensitive, need more squeeze power by hand. More sensitive, more brake power without much squeeze power.
Maintenance More maintenance but Easier.

The brake cable may get stretched out as riding, and it is easier to get dirty which would affect the brake performance.

Less maintenance but complex.

As the Hydraulic system is sealed, grit and grime cannot get in to jam up the moving bits, making them virtually maintenance free. But if any problem such as oil leaking occurs, it is more complex to fix it.

Adjustment/ Replacement Easier More complex
Price Cheaper More expensive


Seen from the mountain bikes market, most high-end bikes would use the hydraulic disc brakes. But for different applications, you could choose the right disc brake for you.


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