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The ability to move freely and easily without hassle is what mobility means and every person aspires to be independent and not confined to any particular place or situation. How about a perfect solution to the quality that every human would love to possess, that of being mobile. In everyday life, we can notice that technologies are getting more advanced and attractive drastically. Even handicapped people are trying to get the latest mobility scooters, disability scooter, or handicap scooters to move from one place to another. Despite the markets are full of wheelchairs, but budget-friendly and lightweight wheelchairs are getting more attention. To find electric wheelchairs is not a difficult task, but to get the most suitable is really time-consuming. Because many wheelchairs are available with many options in designs and features. Here we will give some great ideas about the best-selling wheelchairs, their prices, and availability in different stores.

Pride mobility is a world leader founded in 1986 that manufactures power wheelchairs, portable mobility scooters, and lift recliners. It is the home of Jazzy Power Chair and provides mobility solutions for all ages. With a wide range of mobility products, Pride is dedicated to providing expertly designed, engineered, and tested products incorporating technologically innovative features enabling consumers to achieve the best quality of life and mobility goals with utmost ease and efficiency.

Amongst a variety of wide products, some of them are Jazzy electric wheelchair and go-go scooter.

Jazzy electric wheelchair – The Jazzy electric chair is designed to meet everyone’s need and is more than simply a wheelchair. It’s superb construction, unparalleled maneuverability and ease of operation make Jazzy Power Chair America’s number 1 Power Chair. It provides enhanced mobility as it is approved and recommended as the number one wheelchair by the physician that offers innovative technology and proven quality.

Its innovative design is easy to use and allows one to operate it with just one touch of a button with great convenience offering optimal maneuverability. One can blindly rely on the Jazzy electric wheelchair as it undergoes extensive product testing and care. There are a lot of models under the Jazzy wheelchair, some amongst which are, Jazzy passport, Jazzy 614, Jazzy Elite, Jazzy select, etc. A person can choose one from so many wide ranges of options depending upon his needs and requirements. It also comes with a variety of accessories for the chair such as charger, saddlebag, cup holder, walker holder, pride flag, oxygen holder, elevating leg rests, swing-away footrests, etc.

One can get a Jazzy electric wheelchair through the company’s official website, that is, or gets the dealer’s details through the same. One can also contact the officials by calling on this number 1-800-522-7391 for any kind of help and assistance. The website provides a detailed description of every model with all specifications and mobility scooter accessories making it easy for anyone to go through and select.

Pride Mobility: Jazzy Mobility Chairs

Jazzy Air 2 Model

Jazzy Air 2 is a newer and improved version of the earlier model, Jazzy Air. It looks very modern and chic, and its most prominent feature is having an elevating seat that rises to 12” in just 11 seconds on the touch of an air switch. This feature can also be used while the wheelchair is in motion. And it can move at a speed of 4mph, even if the seat is lowered or entirely raised.

This model is very all-around to suit the comfort of the user, as it has an adjustable armrest, footplate, and headrest. It also has LED marker lights that allow for visibility in the dark. And except for that, it has an under-seat, front storage compartment to easily carry around items. This model also features advanced Mid Wheel 6 Drive Wheels and Active-Trac Suspension, offering outstanding stability on any surface. These Mid Wheels also allow a turning radius of 20.75”, making it suitable for tight spaces as well.


  • It allows one to enjoy face to face conversations by allowing them to elevate the seat.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 300llbs.
  • An individual can adjust its height and weight according to their needs.
  • It is highly efficient, with an upgrade to 40AH battery and battery charge distance of 16.8 miles.


  • It is pricier than other e-wheelchairs.
  • Its seats do not have pressure relieving aids, and are not wound friendly; sitting on them for too long can even worsen one’s wounds.
  • Its functions are difficult to get used to and can cause the wheelchair to tip over, considering its elevation feature and the 4mph speed it can move around at.

Price: $3,999.00

Reviews by customers

  1. I have an old home, narrow hall, narrow doors, smaller closet doors. I must lift the armrests in locations, but I can get around. I’m going to have banged walls and doors, that’s life.
    The lift is amazing. I’m a big guy and it goes higher than my stance. I have really bad knees, so the lift is essential. I can’t get out of a regular chair on my own.
    It’s comfy, looks good too.
    It’s a great buy in my opinion.
    More to report later.
    I ran the arm of the chair into a wall and snapped the controller bracket off. The controller survived my shattering crash and the chair is fine. I contacted them about the damage and they’ve responded with a clarification request. Next step is that they are sending a technician to me, in the hospital (not crash-related)
    The chair has performed better than I ever expected. It makes the long 8% ramp grades without slowing down.
    M.S. Medical has been amazing, whenever I had questions, they have been more than helpful every time.
    The chair takes my abuse (unintended of course) and keeps ongoing. I bought some saddlebags for the arms because I need more pockets for my essentials. They have a basket for the back but my house is too small for it. I only assume, but I’m running the back of the chair into things now, a basket would make it worse. I need the tight radius that it has without the basket.
    I do wish I hadn’t set the seat so far back, I think I would have another inch or two of additional clearance on my turns. But I can live with it anyways.
    More to follow
  2. My husband has inclusion body myositis and can no longer walk. The elevating feature and ability for a user to make a 360 turn. The width makes it tricky to get through a standard sized door. My husband really needs thigh rails so that his legs don’t fall out to the sides since he has minimal muscle in them.
  3. My father uses jazzy air 2. He is 63 years old. Both of his legs are amputated above the knee. With Jazzy Air 2 my father was able to return to life. But there is only one weakness, cannot use Jazzy Air 2 outside when it rains.
  4. My wife has a degenerative neurological condition and has lost her ability to walk. The Jazzy is mostly used in the kitchen. Up down movement. Size; joystick needs some getting used to; weight.

Available Online Store

Jazzy 614 HD Model

Jazzy 614 HD is considered a very heavy-duty, full package power chair. The upgraded electronics used to manufacture it make its features very advanced and innovative. It is known for its outstanding performance, stability, and maneuverability. With the Mid Wheel 6 Technology and Active-Trac ATX Suspension installed, the wheelchair moves very smoothly on uneven surfaces as well; resisting any vibrations that could come from such surfaces.

This power wheelchair also has 6” front and rear casters that also contribute to its stability, adjusting according to the terrain. Being a heavy-duty power chair, it has dual enhanced in-line motors giving it better efficiency, turning radius and range. It is very comfortable, as the foot platform is adjustable and the seats are quite wide. And also, it can go up to around 4.25mph and a turning radius of 20”.


  • It has a weight capacity of 450llbs, which ultimately makes it of use for a larger group of users.
  • It offers great control and has fewer chances of ever toppling over.
  • It has rear-access batteries, making it more accessible to the average user.
  • It is adaptable to be moved on any terrain, resisting minor bumps very easily.


  • The foot platform is not very wide.
  • It lacks options for seat customizability.
  • It does not have a storage compartment.

Price: $3,699.00

Reviews by Customers

  1. Charles S. from Woodstock, Georgia. 80 Years Old Man. Bad back and hips – degenerated discs and arthritis. It is heavy-duty and well balanced. It is great on uneven surfaces. Use it to do yard work. Good climbing ability. Would like a larger foot platform.
  2. Lauren C. from Griffin, Georgia. 82 yrs old. Extreme difficulty in walking. Strengths: Solid, comfortable and easy to use. Weaknesses: Leaning back.
  3. Roberto H. from Oak Brook, Illinois. Purchased chair for a younger brother; recently had his left leg amputated. Once back home, this chair gave him his independence to move around the house. Strengths: Large, roomy, comfortable and very quiet. Weaknesses: Foot platform would be nice to be a bit larger for a person with large feet.
  4. Cindie P. from Jamestown, Ohio. Well built. But challenging to maneuver sensitive joystick.

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Jazzy Select Elite Model

Jazzy Power Elite has a very stylish design, with greater maneuverability and performance. It features advanced front-wheel technology, which allows for very smooth rides and makes the wheelchair suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. And the wheels also allow for the minimal turning radius of about 24.75”, making it easier to pass through narrow hallways or doorways.

It was built to be user-friendly, and thus it is very easy to control. The wheelchair is also built to stay resistant to any wear and tear, as it has shrouds and controller guards installed. Apart from all of this, it has a weight capacity of about 300llbs and a maximum speed of 4mph.


  • It has dual layered powder-coated frames for better durability.
  • It is very comfortable, as its depth and flip-up height are adjustable, and the foot platform is also wide.
  • The seat cover and foam is removable.
  • The maintenance is very easy as no tools are required, and the electronic assembly is also accessible to an average user.


  • It travels up to about 9.8 miles on a single battery charge, which makes it lesser efficient than other comparable wheelchairs.
  • It is not very safe as it lacks hooks to secure the wheelchair to vehicle.
  • It allows for an option of adjustability in its depth and height, but it is very limited.
  • It is relatively a heavy product, making transporting the chair very difficult.
  • The joystick is a little difficult for elders to navigate.

Price: $3,529.00

Reviews by Customers

  1. “I’ve driven my Jazzy for a bit now and am very comfortable with the controls. It maneuvers well in tight places better than a scooter. It is responsive and the seat is comfortable for a long time. It is too wide for a 24″ door unless you remove the door and shave the stops on the sides of the frame, but that’s worth the effort. The discounted price was right as well. Fit and finish are good and adjust to my 6 + foot height. I would buy it again and would recommend it to a friend.”
  2. “Not good for a woman with short legs and a long torso.
    I must boost myself to sit down. It was a good price for someone like me, who will not play the durable Medicare game.”
  3. “When I leave home for some distance this scooter has a tail wag and a tendency to jerk in forward motion. It gets me around but it could benefit from a smoother ride.”
  4. “This unit works well and is fairly compact. The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the joystick makes it a bit difficult for the elderly to manage. My mom is 89 and she is having difficulty navigating with it, especially in and out of the elevator!”

Available Online Store 

Pride Mobility: Pride Go-Go Scooters

Go-Go ES2 3-Wheel Model

Go-Go ES2 3-Wheel Model (folding mobility scooter) brings exceptional value in a compact, lightweight package. It is a source of great convenience to its users in being able to move around. Since it has a lightweight frame, and its seats are removable as well, it can be easily transported from one place to another.

It has a maximum speed of 4mph and features two-speed settings – high and low depending on where ever you are. Its weight is 76.4lbs while it can carry around weight up to 250lbs.


  • It provides great features at a very budget-friendly price.
  • It has a removable front canvas basket installed, where the user can easily store their items.
  • It has foldable and comfortable seats.


  • It is susceptible to topple over, especially if the user is very tall.
  • The foot platform is very limited in size.
  • It does not have a headrest, which might exhaust one’s neck.

Price: $749.00

Reviews by Customers

  1. “I wanted a small scooter for airport travel as I previously had Go-Go Traveler from Pride was too much for sporadic use. The scooter is exactly what I wanted, basic with not a lot of features but easy to move around, easy to drop off at the gate, and well-fitting for use at hotels and general getting about during travel.”
  2. “Seat is too hard. Seat needs to be back over wheels. Brakes do not work good enough, takes too long to apply after releasing lever.”
  3. It is lightweight with a simple control panel and is great for use around the house. There is no swivel seat, only and only three wheels make for decreased stability.”
  4. “It is not too heavy if the seat and arms are removed. However, it will not operate at times and tilts easily where I have been injured twice. Tilted over in the street while trying to get on the sidewalk, where cars had to stop and one woman had to get out of her car and help my husband get me up.”

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Go-Go Elite Traveler 4-Wheel Model

Go-Go Elite Traveler 4-Wheel Model is compact sized, perfect for use in tight spaces, and stable outdoor performance as well. Its most prominent feature is its feather-touch disassembly function. It can effortlessly disassemble into 5 light-weight pieces. It also has a front storage basket and a well-mounted seat, making it very comfortable and user-friendly.

It has a dual voltage charger that allows the battery to be charged both on-board and off-board, making it very convenient. It also offers greater stability, being 4-wheeled. It has a weight capacity of about 300lbs and a maximum speed of 4mph.


  • It is very easy to transport, because of the disassembling function.
  • Its charger port is located on the front, allowing the user to conveniently charge their scooter.
  • It has two sets of changeable shrouds, red and blue colored, and LED lighting.


  • The seat might get too uncomfortable for users with back issues.
  • It does not have a head rest.

Price: $1,019.00

Reviews by Customers

  1. “Fantastic little scooter. Would recommend this model to anyone. Breaks down into 5 different parts & fits neatly into the boot of my Vauxhall Mokka.”
  2. “My wife loves her scooter she is able to get out and about herself now, great for popping up to the town (which is a mile away). We have not had any problems with this mobility scooter.”
  3. “Purchased for my elderly mother who is a small lady. She’s able to step up and get on this scooter easily. I have a 2-door car and this scooter disassembles easy and quickly and fits in the trunk. Very happy with this purchase.”
  4. “This scooter opens up my husband’s world by giving him the ability to get outside versus sitting on the couch watching TV. It easily breaks down into 5 parts and can be put into our car, so he can join the family on outings.”

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Go-Go LX with CTS Suspension 4 Wheel Scooter

Go-Go LX Model offers greater stability than other pride mobility Go-Go models. It has Comfort-Trac Suspension that allows for a smoother, comfortable experience. Some of its features are similar to that of Go-Go Elite Traveler. As it has a storage basket attached. And feather-touch disassembly feature that allows for ease of transport.

Also, it has the option of interchangeable shrouds in a wider range of colors. The charger port is located on the tiller for convenience.  It goes up to a speed of 4.4mph and has a weight capacity of 300llbs.


  • It has delta tillers with wrap around handles that allow the wheelchair to be driven by one hand.
  • It features high intensity LED lighting for visibility in low-light areas.
  • Its advanced suspension wheels resist an uneven terrain.


  • Its seat is not adjustable or highly comfortable.
  • Its turning radius is higher than other comparable wheelchairs.
  • Some pieces of this model are heavy.

Price: $1,249.00

Reviews by Customers

  1. Suspension seems to work well. However, installing the battery was a bit difficult.”
  2. “Good value for the price. But I wish the wheels were a bit larger and there was a bit more clearance between the ground and the platform – otherwise good.”
  3. “Easy to use and long battery life. The main weakness is the seat – I am not a fan.”
  4. “It is very comfortable and with the suspension system, it takes the bumps very nicely. The turning radius is not quite as good as the three-wheel scooter – it takes a little getting used to.”

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