The Few Things no one told you about Electric Bike Conversion Kit.


In this era of rapidly increasing ecological imbalances, a great drive is initiated towards electrically generated vehicles. These vehicle aim towards curtailing the emission of greenhouse gases by almost terminating the exploitation of fossil fuels and creating an altogether new and environment-friendly mode of transportation.

A significant creation in this regard is the electric bicycle, which is an improvement on the traditional manual form through an integrated circuit of the motor, battery, a controller or meter, an electric handle and a power sensor collectively known as the electric bike conversion kit.

The e-bike conversion kit can be broadly classified in two ways depending on the usage of the battery and the position of the motor.

  • In regard to the usage of the battery, an e-bike conversion kit is classified depending on whether or not the battery is included.
  1. The e-bike conversion kit with battery incorporates Lithium batteries whose range is dependent on the riders’ style i.e pedal only, pedal assist and electric only.
  2. Whereas the e-bike conversion kit that comes without battery works by removing the front and the rear wheel and replacing it with the e-bike conversion kit wheel which contains the electric motor in the hub resulting in an electric bike that rides shifts and pedals normally yet gives the rider boost on demand.
  • Further, in accordance with the position of the motor it is classified in three forms;
  1. Front wheel e-bike conversion kit- This is the simplest e-bike design that drives the front wheel and the rear wheel is powered through pedaling.
  2. Rear wheel e-bike conversion kit- The rear hub motor provides the thrust by spinning the back tire and pushes the rider forward.
  3. Center motor conversion kit- This form of e-bike has the motor placed in the center of the bike. It sends the propulsion to the bike’s drivetrain instead of the hub. Also, it delivers a lightweight feel as the motor is at the cranks of the bike that provides for even weight distribution.

How to install the Electric Bike conversion kit? (IMortor for example, this is one front wheel kit)

  • In order to install the e-bike conversion kit first, the vehicle has to be upended. Then the original front wheel should be removed and replaced by iMortor wheel – that is the disc brake of the iMortor hub has to be installed and it should be secured by tightening the bolts. Then the iMortor hub has to be locked, firstly by screwing the nuts with hands and then with the donative special locking system.
  • Next, in order to install the driving gear shifters of the iMortor, the handlebar gloves should be dismantled. Then the iMortor gear shifter should be installed in a suitable location of the handlebar rod and has to be secured with a hexagon wrench. Lastly, the iMortor gear shifter has to be adjusted to a suitable radical position favoring one’s usage habit.
  • For the installation of the cell phone bracket a suitable blank space must be found where the cell phone bracket of iMortor should be installed. Next locknut of cell phone bracket has to be unfastened then the soft lock bank has to be threaded through the handlebar pipe that will be installed. The cellphone bracket has to be locked and adjusted to a suitable radical position.
  • For the installation of iMortor lead wire for connection with the cell phone bracket, the two-core waterproof connectors on the led wire and cell phone bracket has to be found out. Both have to be inserted manually and locked. The connection of the iMortor lead wire and the iMortor hub the eight-core waterproof connector of the iMortor hub and iMortor lead wire has to be found, inserted manually and locked.

What is the best electric bike conversion kit?

There are a great number of brands that produce the electric bike conversion kit, but nothing can be classified as the best one, as different e-bike conversion kit comes with different advantages and drawbacks. However, what is important is to find the most suitable one depending upon the drive type, voltage, top speed, and other special features.

How fast does an electric bicycle hub motor bike conversion kit?

An e-bike conversion kit contains all parts that are required to transform a traditional bicycle into an e-bike and to accelerate its speed. However, it is mostly depended on the motor and the maximum recommended speed is 60kmph.

Where to buy an e-bike conversion kit?

There are several online sources from which the e-bike conversion kit can be purchased like Amazon,eBay or the ELECYCLES but in this case, the after-sales service may not be satisfactory (not the ELECYCLES, they guys there are really helpful)

The pocket pinch is less when brought from online sources, hence it is better to be brought from the respective brand’s official websites as it allows with the opportunity to communicate with the seller in detail to understand the best kit for one’s suitability.

But if money is not the concern, then one can choose to buy it from a physical store where one can go in person and indeed let the seller help to install the kit.

Below the names of several Kit’s have been given as examples, that are used worldwide.

PANDA E-BIKES UK- The brand has a stock of a wide range of bike conversion kit that comes in different variations.

  • Swytch 250w ebike conversion kit- this comes in two battery size option – 25 mile (5ah) and 50 miles (10ah). The brake sensors are of three types in this category- no brake, cabled or hydraulic sensor. And the wheel size ranges from – 26” 650c front and 28” 2ger 700c front.
  • Swytch Brompton 250w ebike conversion kit- the model comes in two battery size option – 25 mile (5ah) and 50 miles (10ah). The brake sensors are of three types in this category- no brake, cabled or hydraulic brake sensor. This ebike conversion kit can be installed in any bike that has 16” wheel.
  • Panda 250 pro electric bikes – comes with 7.8 ah silver shark battery with 36v  and 250 w. The wheel types are 20” front, 26” 650c front, 27.5” [26” 650b} front and 28” 2ger 700c front.

        4) RELO mid drive e-bike kit – the battery variant is 36 v 250 w. This model is for square taper or hollow tech bottom bracket. This is one of the lightest on the market.

Dellinger Australia: It is one of the most enthusiastic e-bike conversion kit brand available in Australia. The brand provides three variants of E-bike conversion kit

  • Street legal kit- Samsung power 2.0 – comes with a pack of 36v 13Ah 470w provides a maximum range of 100km

2) Off-road– Samsung power 20” rim – this is a brand new product and comes with a 560wh monster pack battery.

3) Mid-drive. – This has three variants

  1. BBS HD100 – This is a heavy-duty, high-performance e-bike conversion kit with a battery of 1000 w nominal to 1600W peak. It provides 160NM of torque and 30 amp 12MOFSET controller.
  2. BBS02 – this provides 750w and comes with the choice of batteries.
  3. BBS01 – comes with 250w and choice of batteries.

GOLDEN MOTOR CANADA is again one of the most famous and reliable e-bike conversion brand available in Canada that comes with a warranty of 1 year and with honest regular pricing and realistic on sale pricing. This brand comes with broadly seven types of e-bike kit

  • 12 inch front smart pie conversion kit – has open voltages 24v-200w/ 36v-300w/ 48v 400w. And comes with user adjustable power and speed can be upgradable from 24v to 48v.
  • 16-inch front wheel magic pie conversion kit – can be used with 6-speed freewheel, on the 26inch rim, and on 24volt for 20Kph, 36 volts for 32Kph or 48volt for 44Kph.
  • 20-inch rear wheel magic pie external controller conversion kit. This can be used with a 26inch rim and can be run on 24v for 20kph, 36v for32kph or 48v for 44kph.
  • 24 inch 24v rear PRO902 conversion kit- it is a lightweight 24/36 volt 250watt motorized wheel kit
  • 26inch 24v PRO 902 – this comes in two variations of voltage -24v 250 motor is for 24volts and 36v250 is about 36 volts. This is also lightweight 24/36 volt 250watt motorized wheel kit.
  • 700c/9er- comes in 24 volt and 36-volt front and rear variation.
  • Mid-drive – the variant
  1. Bafang BBSO2 48 volts and comes in 500w, 750 w,1000 w100mm, and 1500 w120mm
  2. Bafang BBSHD 48 volt comes with 1000 watts 100mm and 100o watt 120 mm

PLUGINDIA in India has come up with its very successful e-bike conversion kit  – eAddict EMT sport with lithium batteries, motor power of 250watt battery pack capacity of 36 v 8.8ah and a battery life of  >30,000 km.

ROBOKITS India has also come up with different variants ranging from

  • 48v 400 RPM 750w with BLDC geared motor
  • 26v250w 400 RPM with BLDC hub motor
  • 36v 250w 400 RPM with BLDC hub motor
  • 24v 250w 300 RPM with DC geared motor and compatible battery
  • 24 v 250 w 400 RPM with DC geared motor
  • 48v 900w 3300 RPM BLDC motor

HALSFORD has a long reputation in the cycling market and comes with one of the best e-bike conversion kits.

The Halsford Pedelton Somerby is one variant that comes with V breaks, 15.5 mph, 8 gears, rigid suspension, 36 voltage, wheel size of 700c and 8.80 ah. And a rear motor. This variant is one that beats the competition, with much of its range.

What is the cheap e-bike conversion kit available?                                                                                           

There are several cheap e-bike conversion kits that are available in the market, but among these The AW e-bike kit should be marked for its low price but worthy features. It has a motor controller, motorized wheel thumb throttle, power brake lever and wire harness with a motor as powerful as 36v 250 watts. It’s a complete value for money product which has earned a high rating and review in the market.


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