The Super 73 E-Bike – Have Fun of 1970s


Inspired by minibikes, mopeds, and vintage motorcycles of the1970s, the lithium cycles has crafted highly-capable modern super e-bike. With Californian design and appealing features, this e-bike has become the first choice of all those who are looking for summer come-off. Moreover, the Lithium Cycles’ Super 73 is only 62.5″ in length. Just because of its size, it fits easily in closets or small apartments than 72″ traditional bicycles. Easy to release wheels allows fast portability and quick maintenance. The scratch resistant frame of e-bicycle is made of high-quality steel coated with thermoset polymer. And this electronic bike is not waterproof, it’s water resistant. You can wash it or can travel even in rain.

The super 73 bike is equipped with 20-inch semi-slick 4.25″ wide tires to pass through a smooth path, beach, and street. There are some similarities in Yamaha TW200 (1987) and this super 73 electrical bike. Both have fat tires perfect for comfort and traction. Even on TW200 bike, the rider could go off-road, on-road, and on the terrain. After 1987, the 73-bike has become popular in 2016 because of these wide tires. In short, this elegant feature is good in all aspects.

Powered by 10 amp lithium-ion battery, the super-fast Electronic Bike runs at 25-30 miles per hour speed. Fast speed credit goes to 1000 watt motor. This motor is manufactured by Bafang and it’s a mid-mounted motor type. Bafang founded in 1999 with the mission of manufacturing electric bicycles in Europe and China. Since beginning it is facing many challenges and experiencing different changes in this industry. After a long time struggle, Bafang has become a leading brand in suppling e-bike globally.

Founders and co-founders of super 73 e-bike used Bafang Motor to maintain superior balance and the motor is fixed in the center of the bike. Moreover, pedal assist speed option up to 5-level is for faster speed. In any accidental situation, this Super 73 e-bike allows a quick break. As it has disc breaks for matchless safety. Puncture-resistant wide tires and powerful battery instantly stop when disc brakes start working.

The single passenger comfortable banana seat is similar to 1970s bike. It durable construction material and professional-grade stitching make journey tireless. The whole weight of this bike is 65 pounds. It can carry up to 300 pounds weight. And all riders having 5 foot 2-inch to 6-foot 5-inch height can consider this e-bike perfect for them.

It also has a Mini back-lit LCD panel that allows a quick check on pedal assistance level, speed, time, range and distance. Moreover, this mini-screen displays 5 pre-set motor power levels. It also has a rear light just like bikes. For reflective fender and front light, the rider needs to pay $100.

As this fully-featured the super e bike is powered by a battery. So, for a safe drive, keep 11.6 amp battery fully charged. It takes almost 4-hours to recharge. For more range, an additional battery is available in $400 at the company’s plant. These extra batteries are highly compatible with the bike and never affect the quality of charging on the replacement. And the battery is lockable to minimize the fear of theft and for easy charging in home or office.

Just like in a luxurious car, this super 73 e-bike comes with easy to access cup-holder, bottle opener, and USB port. All these fun promoting parts are in front of the sitting area. So, stay connected with beloved while on the way. As this mini e-bike has a USB port. Simply plug in the phone and let it charge on 73 bike.

Last but not the least key discussion point of this super 73 bike is the price. Manufactured Suggested Retail Price is $3200 USD. The majority say that other bikes are available on reasonable price but that’s the fact too that bikes fewer features and low speed are more expensive than this Super 73 E-Bike.

Pros of super 73 e-bike:                                                                      

  • Cool and elegant features like the bottle opener, drink holder and USB port
  • Pedal assistance for the top speed of 25 miles per hour
  • 25″ Wide tires perfect for all types of surfaces
  • 5″ length takes less space for storage
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery
  • Easy to reach charging port
  • Battery and moto are fixed in the center to improve balance
  • Comfortable sitting seat

Cons of super 73 e-bike:

  • The frame of this e-bike is made of steel, no doubt it’s a sturdy one. But it can’t resist rusting on scratching
  • Length of crank arms is shorter than140mm (ideal length for small wheels)
  • Limited warranty duration that is only 90 days. As some other electrical bikes come with 1-2 years warranty.
  • Lots of visible cable and wire. The overall design of this bike is unique but these additional motor wires look awkward
  • Lower frame length and height, wide tires, motor, and battery are all okay. But these accessories make the e-bike heavy
  • No chain protector to keep riders’ pants away from grease and snag
  • There must be 180mm disc brakes rather than 160 mm. this size seems small for this fast and heavy bike
  • The frame size is fixed that’s is why riders with 135 lbs and 5’9″ height can’t enjoy the ride of this super-fast 73 e-bike

Additional Specifications:

  • Upright Relaxed Body Position is recommended
  • Designed for Traveling in Urban Areas
  • Bike Classes are Throttle on Demand (Class 2) and Moped or Motorcycle (Class 4)
  • Item Weight: 33.79 Kg (74.5 lbs)
  • Battery Weight: 3.17 Kg (7 lbs)
  • Motor Weight: 5.26 Kg (11.6 lbs)
  • Frame Size: 36.83 Cm (14.5-Inch)
  • Virtual Seat Tube Length: 14.5-Inch
  • Minimum Reach: 11-Inch
  • Stand Over Height: 26.5-Inch
  • Frame Fork Hub Spacing: 135mm
  • Frame Fork Skewer w- Quick Release: 9mm
  • Rear Frame Hub Spacing: 170mm
  • Rear Frame Skewer w- Quick Release: 9mm
  • Attachment Points: Front Frame Bosses
  • 14-Tooth Sprocket Gears
  • Crank Arm Total Length: 140mm
  • 40-Tooth High Quality Steel Chain Ring
  • ODI Aluminum Alloy Pedals
  • 1-1/8″ Straight Headset
  • Fork Integrated Stem
  • 540mm Long Handlebar
  • Banana Saddle Dimensions: 19-Inch X 6.5-Inch
  • 100 Mm, Single Wall, Punched Out, Aluminum Alloy, 28-Hole Rimes
  • 14 Gauge, Stainless Steel, Black W- Adjustable Nipples Spokes
  • Schrader Valve Tube
  • Kenda Brand Tire: 20-Inch X 2.25-Inch
  • Frame Color: Matte Grey

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